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"A dog as a friend - Two eyes for those who cannot see"

"A dog as a friend - Two eyes for those who cannot see" is the title of the meeting on Wednesday 27 April 2022 with the pupils of the primary school in Camogli.

Initiative included in the Civic Week of the Municipality of Camogli : Protagonists, not spectators, aimed at promoting, especially among the younger generations, the culture of rights and responsibilities.

At the center is the importance of the social role of the guide dog. With the guide dog, the assistance dog par excellence, the blind find something very important: not just a guide, but independence, freedom to move and above all a faithful friend who will never abandon him.


The meeting took place thanks to the collaboration of the Lions Guide Dog Service of Limbiate and to the extraordinary participation of a Service trainer, Marco Redoglia, accompanied by the guide dog Sakè.

The Lions Guide Dog Service donates free guide dogs to blind people throughout Italy, it is a reality of excellence at European level, awarded at  our 60th International Dog Loyalty Award.

Something particularly beautiful always happens when a child sees a four-legged friend approach him. Through the theme of the disability of the blind and its overcoming thanks to the irreplaceable help of the guide dog, the purpose of the meeting is to make the truest values grow in the new generations, those of love, respect for others, especially where there are disabilities and towards the world of pets, values of which our Award is the guardian and ambassador.


AVT San Rocco APS - International Dog Loyalty Award


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