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 "Sagra della Capponadda"

Every July, in the hamlet of San Rocco, the Capponadda festival takes place, a culinary event particularly awaited by locals, tourists and vacationers.

Capponadda, or Ligurian caponadda and caponata (not to be confused with the classic eggplant-based caponata), is a typically coastal summer preparation and seafaring dish of ancient tradition, whose characteristic was to be a food always ready when needed without need for cooking.


Once decidedly little loved by sailors and fishermen, who associated it with the storm (they consumed it especially during the storm, when the kitchens of the boats were out of order), the Capponadda, locally called "sailor's caponata", is considered to be the day of today a refined and trendy single dish.

The preparation is very easy: in practice it is a question of cutting and mixing everything well, but the good quality and seasonality of the ingredients is fundamental.



4 sailor's cakes;

75 grams of tuna musciame;

3 salted anchovies;

150 grams of tuna in oil;

30 black olives (possibly Taggiasche);

3 or 4 boiled eggs (optional)

1 Tropea onion;

3 0 4 ripe and firm tomatoes (depending on size);

150 grams of fresh or frozen string beans;

1 glass of white vinegar;

1 glass of extra virgin olive oil;

water to taste;

Salt to taste;

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