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Best wishes for the new year 
Capodanno 2024.jpg


Every day, every moment, these bonds, these values are firm in the heart.

This is why I want to take them with me today too.

Impossible to contain them all in a single photo (here only the last ones), but the memory of each one, over time, is indelible...

True Happy New Year wishes

And may every day be filled with love and respect for the beauty that surrounds us, with love and respect for Life, in all its forms and for the land that hosts us.

HAPPY 2024 with my heart

AVT San Rocco - International Dog Loyalty Award


#dogdogloyaltyprize #internationalfedeltadelcane award

#sanrocco #camogli

Happy New Year 


Love is the soul of all this and draws renewed paths and strong emotions every year

The photo in the background (of my friendChiara Bisso) is also the cover photo of our 61st International Dog Loyalty Award brochure

(If you want, read more at the link

With the wish that the New Year is full of love, goodness, respect, friendship, courage and peace!

To everyone

 Happy 2023


AVT San Rocco - International Dog Loyalty Award

Wishes for the new year



"The dog is that thing halfway between an angel and a child"

(Antonio de Curtis, aka Totò)

A heart-shaped wreath, made of tender gazes, of eyes that speak through an ancient, primitive language, the language of love.

This is the magic thread that unites the winners of our 60th International Dog Loyalty Award.

(If you want, read more at the link )

With the hope that the new year will always be fueled by that one language capable of giving back

fullness and meaning, the language of love,

 Good 2022


AVT San Rocco - International Dog Loyalty Award



Wishes for the new year

"Love is that thing, which makes the journey worth taking"

Franklin P. Jones

An imaginary tree, divided into three parts, each of which collects,

in the balls of different colors corresponding to the year,

the winners of the last three editions of our international Dog Loyalty Award.

A ball, a look, eyes that speak to the heart, beautiful stories.

( to read more )

Here you will surely find love, it is the engine that animates everything,

which every year designs renewed paths full of great emotions.

With these feelings,

a hug and best wishes to all of you!

Happy 2021!


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