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The excursions

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The Portofino Park, which extends for 1500 hectares, can be traveled through 80 km of marked paths. It therefore represents an excellent opportunity for all hiking lovers, responding, with its variety of tracks, to both the most trained and demanding and to lovers of relaxing and undemanding walks.
The particularly mild climate enjoyed by the Portofino Promontory allows excursions all year round, preferring, during the winter, the sunny sea side and, in the hot summer season, the cool paths of the northern side.
The indicator posts, located along the Park's paths, and the detailed hiking map (available at the Park's headquarters and information points and at the main bookstores in the neighboring countries) also allow the less expert hiker to orient himself better and to choose the itinerary that best suits different needs.
You can download a map in pdf format with the main paths of the Portofino Park
by clicking here .

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