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Christmas events 2023

Our Befana Tombola once again attracted many people despite the less than favorable weather conditions.

The room was packed and the best thing was seeing all the generations together, with the presence of many young people, families and friends gathered in a festive atmosphere.

Thanks for the very important help in carrying out the evening to Miriam Antola, Laila Schiappacasse, Chiara Bozzo, Andrea Brignole, Mario Mozzi

I thank Stefano Paolucci again for his help with bookings.

A big thank you to Marco Maggiolo Bar Nicco - for the wonderful gift offered which went to the winner of one of our tombolas of the evening.

The sailor biscuits offered, as every year on this occasion by Italo Maccarini, were very welcome and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks to our Mayor Giovanni Anelli who together with his wife played bingo with us.

As well as Francesco Olivari and Deputy Mayor Lorenzo Ghisoli, who joined us later.

As in all things, there is always commitment, work, to set up the room, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but the fun and involvement of those who took part is always a great satisfaction.

A beautiful memory will remain of this evening, made even more beautiful thanks to my wonderful little helper Carolina, who was with me from the beginning, and who together with Sofia, helped me in drawing the numbers.

Finally, refreshments and a toast with the excellent rosé sparkling wine from our friend Paolo Badenchini was much appreciated!

Thanks again to everyone and sincere best wishes

AVT San Rocco - International Dog Loyalty Award

Tombola della Befana 2024

Why not share two more shots that are part of the memories of a beautiful evening?

Once the bingo is over, two little girls and their smiles, Michela and Francesca, are on stage

... All the prizes had already flown away, but here one of them is, destined to become the dream companion of a happy little girl, Carolina

*Befana Bingo - 5 January 2024

Locandina Babbo Natale.jpeg

Yesterday in San Rocco we spent a beautiful afternoon. Our square came alive with many children attracted by the wait for Santa Claus...

Santa Claus, arrived by means of theCivil Protection Vab Camogli distributed gifts and sweets.

Seeing the children open all the gift packages that weAVT San Rocco - International Dog Loyalty Award we have prepared for them, together with the storyteller's entertainment makes us sincerely happy.

A very special thank you to our super Santa ClausCiro Scognamiglio and to our very good storytellerFranco Picetti which enchanted everyone, not just the little ones...

The tree decorations that the children made with so much enthusiasm were beautiful, followed byMiriam Antola

In addition to our gifts, the sweets offered by the La Piazza nel Mare association were very appreciated by the children

And the hot chocolate offered to everyone by the Civil Protection is delicious.

Thanks to everyone, but especially to the children... with them everything, even the smallest, becomes magic

And again "Merry Christmas"

#sanrocco #Camogli know

Eventi natalizi 2022

Waiting... rediscovering the joy contained in the little things...

In yesterday's fantastic afternoon in San Rocco we saw it in the eyes of the children,

we found it and lived this magic of Christmas together...

A very special thanks to our super Santa ClausCyrus

and a very special thanks to the storytellerFranco Picettithat enchanted everyone, not just the little ones...

Many small gift packages for the joy of all children

Treats and excellent hot chocolate

And tree decorations made by the children

Thanks to everyone who collaborated!

To friends, to those who participated, but above all to the children,

"Merry Christmas" again

Our Tombola della Befana at the San Nicola theater in San Rocco di Camogli...

A beautiful evening, families and friends gathered in an atmosphere of celebration and sharing.

A very special thanks for the helpMiriam Antola, toLaila Schiappacasse, to Chiara Bozzo.

Thanks to Andrea Brignole for the audio, aStephen Pauluccifor help with reservations.

The biscuits offered by the Sailor are very welcome, as they are every year on this occasionItalo Maccarini,

which I sincerely thank!

The voucher for two Bar Nicco aperitifs offered by was also appreciatedMarco Maggiolo, which I thank

A beautiful memory of this evening will remain, even more beautiful thanks to Carolina, Ambra, Elena and Aurora, the wonderful girls who helped me draw the numbers.

Thanks again to all and sincere wishes








Our San Rocco di Camogli Tourist Enhancement Association, which traditionally organizes the Tombola della Befana every year, had to give it up this year due to the pandemic. Suffering but inevitable decision for everyone's safety and health.

We want to remember it as it was, our raffle, very participated, but also very familiar,

and above all with the hope of being able to meet together as soon as possible at our next bingo

Santa Claus event 2021


Sunday 19 December 2021, in the square of the Church of San Rocco di Camogli, took place,

organized by  Civil Protection - Vab Camogli, by the Association for the Tourist Enhancement of San Rocco di Camogli APS and from the Monte di Portofino Market, the event "Santa Claus of the Civil Protection"

  From 3 pm, the children welcomed by the storyteller Franco Picetti waited for Santa Claus,

who distributed gifts for everyone

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