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Piemme/Mondadori editions

"Accompany Andrew Cisterninoin the presentation of your book meant a lot to me.

NOT FOR COURAGE BUT FOR LOVE published by Piemme/Mondadori is a book of extraordinary emotional strength, a book that was born in a context of war, but brings to the world a great testimony of Love for animals, of Love for life, a Peace message.

The hall was full and the audience's emotional participation was very high.

Thanks to the Mayor of CamogliFrancesco Olivari,

to Maurizio Castagna, President of the FoundationCamogli Social Theatre.

To Pier Giovanni Capellino, President ofAlmo Nature-Capellino Foundation,

a double thanks for the participation and for the extraordinary gesture made by Almo Nature towards Andrea and his Refuge.

Special thanks toChiara Bissofor your invaluable help.

For the beautiful photos, thanks to Claudia Oliva.

And for the articles, thanks toRossella Galeotti(SecoloXIX of 4/12/2022) to Consuelo Pallavicini (Levante News)-, toRosa Cappato(The New Levant)

Lots of books sold...

And at the end of a very long queue for Andrea's signatures, the dedication for me also arrived…, another emotion that I want to share with you.

It was a wonderful presentation, a very engaging moment, full of strong emotions, a lesson in courage and humanity, which, as one of the many thank-you messages we received says, "makes us all feel a little better".

THANK YOUAndrew CisterninoA thank you that has no end"

Sonia Gentosor

December 5, 2022



Beautiful presentation of the book, very full room despite the horrid weather, much love towards me,

I'm very sorry to hear that some people didn't let them in because the room was full but we found out after me andSonia Gentosowho organized the event,

thanks to the Mayor and to Pier Giovanni Capellino of Almo Nature

to Pietro and Luigi of his staff for intervening and to our friend Gianni Palagi.

Sold many books, thank you!!!”

Andrea Cisternino 

3 December 2022

Back to Camogli to present his latest book "Not for courage but for love"

published by Piemme/Mondadori, ANDREA CISTERNINO,

Guest of Honor and winner of the Goodness Award at the 61st edition of the International Dog Loyalty Award

of 16 August 2022.

The event will take place on Saturday 3 December 2022 at 16:30 in the foyer of the Social Theater of Camogli, in Piazza Matteotti 5, with free admission and will be organized by the San Rocco di Camogli Tourist Promotion Association and by the Municipality of Camogli, in collaboration with the Teatro Sociale.

Andrea Cisternino will bring his personal and touching testimony of how he experienced the most terrible moments of the war in Ukraine.

Andrea Cisternino remained under bombardment in order not to abandon his Italy KJ 2 refuge in Kiev and its more than 400 animals. Andrea, Italian, fashion and costume photographer, dedicated his life to saving innocent creatures, victims of ill-treatment and for this reason he won the Paolo Borsellino Red Agenda National Award in 2013 and the "We are doing our part" International Award in 2020 received together with Pope Francis.

Grateful to welcome Andrea Cisternino again, whom the audience of our 61st Prize greeted with a prolonged standing ovation on 16 August, we invite everyone to participate in the meeting on 3 December in Camogli in the foyer of the Teatro Sociale, remembering that those who will be able to purchase on this occasion his book "NOT FOR COURAGE BUT FOR LOVE - My story under the bombs with 400 animals to save", published by Piemme/Mondadori.

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