Wishes for the new year



"The dog is that thing halfway between an angel and a child"

(Antonio de Curtis, aka Totò)

A heart-shaped wreath, made of tender gazes, of eyes that speak through an ancient, primitive language, the language of love.

This is the magic thread that unites the winners of our 60th International Dog Loyalty Award.

(If you want, read more at the link https://www.avtsanrocco.org/le-edizioni )

With the hope that the new year will always be fueled by that one language capable of giving back

fullness and meaning, the language of love,

 Good 2022


AVT San Rocco - International Dog Loyalty Award




Our San Rocco di Camogli Tourist Development Association, which traditionally organizes the Befana Bingo every year, this year had to give it up due to the pandemic. A difficult but inevitable decision for everyone's safety and health.

We want to remember it as it was, our bingo, very participatory, but also very familiar,

and above all with the hope of being able to meet again as soon as possible at our next bingo

Our Tombola della Befana at the San Rocco di Camogli theater gave us a wonderful evening !!!

Many thanks to all!

A special thanks to Miriam, Laila and Simona for their help, thanks to Chiara and Andrea, and thanks to Italo for the gift of the biscuits, much appreciated and appreciated by all participants.

Again a sincere and festive hug










Santa Claus event 2021


Sunday 19 December 2021, in the square of the Church of San Rocco di Camogli, took place,

organized by  Civil Protection - Vab Camogli, by the Association for the Tourist Enhancement of San Rocco di Camogli APS and from the Monte di Portofino Market, the event "Santa Claus of the Civil Protection"

  From 3 pm, the children welcomed by the storyteller Franco Picetti waited for Santa Claus,

who distributed gifts for everyone


Wishes for the new year

"Love is that thing, which makes the journey worth taking"

Franklin P. Jones

An imaginary tree, divided into three parts, each of which collects,

in the balls of different colors corresponding to the year,

the winners of the last three editions of our international Dog Loyalty Award.

A ball, a look, eyes that speak to the heart, beautiful stories.

( to read more )

Here you will surely find love, it is the engine that animates everything,

which every year designs renewed paths full of great emotions.

With these feelings,

a hug and best wishes to all of you!

Happy 2021!